An Hour For Others (AHFO)  is a Liverpool based organisation founded in 2014.

Kevin Morland  (Painter & Decorator) and my partner Gillian Watkins (Accountant) have run the organisation alongside our own businesses.  A small team of amazing volunteers have recently joined us to help us grow.

We have been the platform that brings the community together and the backing we receive from individuals and businesses offering time, skills, resources, donations, acts of kindness has dramatically helped improve lives and have a massive positive impact on many people in Liverpool, people who are at a real disadvantage or have been affected by life changing circumstances and deserve help.  Everything AHFO does is aimed at helping the health & well being of those we support, creating stronger, unified communities.

We are ordinary people who care deeply about the situation we face in society today.  With a new way of thinking ,acting and sharing we have made strides over 4 years pulling this together building a network of people requiring help and those that want to offer help.  We have had  people from across the UK,  USA, Australia, Scandinavia, France and the Far East contact us saying they are inspired by the concept and how can they set An Hour For Others up in their towns and cities.  We are now asking for your pledges of support to enable us to keep positively impacting lives and to take this to the next level and even to the next City.

We think an initiative like AHFO would be perfect in a city like ours that needs to come together.’ – Imani Williams New Haven Conneticut, USA.

The Reason For Crowdfunding:

The total running costs of our hub which is the centre point for all we do are £900 per month.  We really do need financial support as our funds are low.  Matching those offering help and support to those needing and deserving help is a huge task and there are lots of elements involved in this which takes up most of our time. We want to take this to other parts of the country and beyond.  A successful crowdfunding project will go such a long way , not only providing much needed funds but also raising awareness of what we do and ways for people to get involved.

A £30 pledge will secure our hub for 1 day.

Donate 1 hour of your monthly wage and do your ‘Hour For Others’ at your place of work!