Our Work

Our work so far

  • Refurbished Community Centres and homes of isolated elderly men and women.
  • Refurbished homes of families living in poverty and trying so hard in life.
  • Refurbished rooms for terminally ill children to give some comfort in their final months.
  • Sent hundreds of local under privileged children and deserving families VIP style to football matches and concerts.
  • Provided a platform for huge local businesses to volunteer staff to meet CSR responsibilities
  • Provided thousands of pounds of hampers, warm clothes, toys and presents to many families living in poverty.
  • Cash donations have been used to purchase  thousands of pounds of high street vouchers, clothing, essential household items and food at Christmas for under privilliged children.
  • Teamed up with Mamadou Sakho’s Amsak charity to send 2 local families coping with devastating bereavement to Disneyland Paris.
  • Sent couples coping with dementia, cancer and other terminal illnesses for breaks away in hotels.
  • Sent families coping with the loss of a parent and partner to caravans for little breaks.
  • Recycled good quality furniture by passing onto less fortunate families.
  • Teamed up with many great local organisations to support where and when we can (Together We Are Strong)
  • Provided a platform for many skilled volunteers to help members of our community really struggling with problems in their homes.
  • Opened up our very own hub where we can provide health and well being groups to local families.
  • Sent local children who are victims of cruel bullying to learn to play drums with local band.

This has all been achieved by kind hearted men and women stepping forward and offering what they can to build a stronger, caring community.

‘We Are delighted that Liverpool FC player Trent Alexander Arnold will be our very first AHFO ambassador.

Who we help

We will identify people and groups in Liverpool who really need and deserve help and support in times of difficulty, sudden upheaval, loss and life changing circumstances.

 We will meet each person or group individually and decide whether they meet our criteria for support. 

  • Families living in poverty
  • Youngsters looking after sick relatives with little help
  • People suffering job losses and sanctions
  • Elderly people living alone
  • Children who have lost parents
  • Parents who have lost children
  • Families coping with ill members
  • People who face daily struggles but often go ‘under the radar’
  • Anyone who’s life has basically turned upside down.

We do realise that the demand for help is so great that our resources cannot stretch to everyone, we have set out a criteria regarding those we help and if you feel you match this criteria we will add you to our support network.

As our database of deserving people in need of help grows, so too will our database of skilled, willing, enthusiastic volunteers and businesses.  The more people and businesses with various skills and resources willing to support us then the more genuine people we can help, quite simple.

“To the people of Norway who have supported us from day one, helped us to help those in need in our City, we will be forever grateful”