About us
An Hour For Others

Who we are

AHFO – An organisation for good hearted people and businesses in Liverpool to use their skills, time or donations to help the lives of others who suffer in various ways and create a stronger Community.

We are ordinary Liverpool men and women who have worked tirelessly for 4 years in our spare time to build an ever growing support network of people and businesses willing to give what they can to help members of our community who for genuine reasons have hit the hardest times of life. Any one of us can suddenly have our lives turned upside down in an instant, especially in these hard times. We cannot go on any longer so divided and against each other, the time has come for people to unite and help each other through, we all have a responsibility in making our little part of the world a better place for our children.


“It was an absolute pleasure to meet this fantastic charity organisation tonight at the match. I loved spending time speaking and having a laugh with the kids. An inspiration to all. ???? Keep up that great work.” – Anthony Godfrey

“We only help people who are willing to help themselves.”
– AHFO Ethos

What we do

Health and Wellbeing Groups

  • We offer health and well being groups in the following:
  • Cooking – Cooks teaching people how to cook healthy on a tight budget
  • Finance – Finance experts teaching people how to budget there money more efficiently
  • Mindfulness Groups – Mindfulness Teachers, teaching people how to train their mind to deal with the stresses in life
  • Life Coaching Groups – Life Coaches teaching people how to build self esteem and to reach for them stars in their own lives

Other Adult Groups

  • Bereavement Group: This will not be held by a trained councillor it is for people who have and are dealing with grief to be able to meet up and reach out to people who are dealing with the same

  • Construction Group: A construction group will be set up for Adults to learn basic DIY skills, ie changing a plug, putting a shelf up even learn the skills to make that painting job a bit better.

Home refurbishment one per month

  • A mini DIY SOS will be done once a month for those who meet our criteria and have hit hard times for certain reasons

  • The families or individuals have to show a willingness to help themselves if they are to be considered for a home refurbishment by working but are on a low wage, going to college to better their future, attend a course of our health and wellbeing groups, if people have been bereaved or someone in the family home is dealing with an illness through no fault of their own will also be able to apply for a home refurbishment.

Acts of Kindness

  • Over the years through the kindness of others we have been able to spread the kindness of so many in our City and further afield to put a smile on people who are dealing with hard times in their lives. 

Health and Wellbeing Groups and play group for children

  • In 2018 we will be opening the doors in our hub to help children that are living in poverty, the groups will be 2 days a week, a health and well being group will be on one day and a fun group the 2nd day. After the children attending the groups for 20 weeks they will be offered a free scholarship at a local Dance, gymnastic, boxing or music group. The reason for these groups is to give these children the feeling of being included in society.

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Businesses with a turnover of XXXX have to meet their Corporate Social Responsibility, AHFO’s will act as the platform for these businesses to meet there CSR however will make sure that their support gets to the correct needs and the people most deserving in our City.