Wendy Reid Your amazing I’m trying to work out what I can do to help that will mean something xx

Laura Fitzsimmons Strang This is awesome Kevin, well done! A fab idea and love and dedication from you!

John Smith good on you ,this world is desperate for people like you

Margy Martin Luv it,absolutely fantastic. The true ‘power of one’ is all it takes.

Nikki Hilditch LOVE what you’s are all doing! Well Done to all involved!!

Greg Vogiatzis solidarity brings strength

Amanda Jane Machell Manning KHT have a scheme in Prescot at Yates Court which provides accommodation for struggling families who can’t run their own home for one reason or another . They get the families back on their feet and use agencies to get the help they need preparing them to move on in to their own property . I gave a play station last year and some games which a little boy had as his Christmas present . He was over the moon ! I’m sure there will be a family there who would love your little boys generous offer ! X

Bee West pay it forward and it comes back

Gillian Watkins Such an inspirational picture, well done Liam xx

Rhea Smith Amazing! What a lovely thing to do at such a young age! Lovely lad well done xx

Tom England The future’s bright if there’s lads like Liam about

Simon Hayton Obviously being brought up with some great values. Well done Liam!

Andrew Mcintosh Do you have someone for ceramic tiling/ general plumbing ? I would like to do my share if there’s any pensioners that need help, thanks

James Shields I have just got home from dropping the washing machine off at a family friend who needed a washing machine as he has just moved into a flat without an appliance. It feels great helping others and knowing a little a bit of your time to help people really is amazing. He was so happy and couldn’t believe I was giving it to him for free.
Great work setting this up mate.

Jodie Duffy It’s fantastic what u do for others we love our new room thanks so much x

Maureen Evans As a small stroke club we use the room at the WECC that you have brilliantly decorated. Thankyou particularly Kevin Morland and all for no cost and in your own time. Gives us faith in human kindness.xx

Paula Kearns Thank u so much kevin…tge world needs more people like you all…even tho it may keep u awake…at least your being kept awake thinking about all the good things you can do to help people!! The room looks brillian well done x

Paula Kearns Kevin…just amazing wat your doing…they had a ball x

Emma Day amazing experience for the kids.us !they were thrilled with their evening and bein a part of it was just unforgettable so thanks kev and all concerned for a.truly brilliant time xx
keep up the good workxx

Michael Austin Astonished Kev.Must admit had me doubts but YOU have proven that it can work!KUDOS!

Philip Morgan It’s not about your teams it’s about nice people well done

Emma Moore Brilliant the way it should be xx

Paula Kearns its looking great Kevin…cant wait to see it on Tuesday…Thank you so much we are so thankful xxx

Ady Twells I run a roofing business if you have any roof related problems or maintainence work at height . You are welcome to contact me .

Sandra Daly Hey Gareth you know I’m in a choir well id like to donate a christmas session for the pensioners with our choir doing a gig for them x let me know when and ill sort it,,,,they love it we are good ha ha and obviously cakes a commendable cause but at the moment its me that needs help but i still help my friends when ever i can x

Chris Fitzpatrick Hi I’m an electrician and would like to help any way I can. Boss idea this. Well in.

Alan Critchorelli This is a man called Kevin Morland who worked in our place up until about 6 months ago. He was a good grafter,was never off,was never late,he never took the piss and never licked arse. One day he just turned around and said..”I’ve had enough. I can’t work in this shit hole one more day” and he left. Didn’t have another job or nothing. So glad to see that he’s made such a huge difference in people’s lives. What a guy!!

Mamadou Sakho – “I came to support An Hour for Others because we share the same values, and they are doing a great job,” commented Sakho. “We are happy to support this charity.”

Sinead O’Neill –  would love to help if at all possible. I live in Southport but happy to help. I know you talk of Liverpool but its such an amazing cause i want to be part of it.