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In 2014 I set up our organisation, An Hour For Others (AHFO).   I was fed up of how society was becoming so selfish and detached from each other,  life for many is a daily struggle at the best of times. Throw into this heartbreaking family bereavements, illnesses, isolation, low wages,  constant cutbacks etc and its obvious that people are suffering in our Communities.  Sadly many of these families and individuals suffer alone with little or no help at all.

After spending so much time moaning and complaining about the world I was seeing around me, I realised that unless I started doing the positive things that I wanted to see in my world then things wouldn’t magically change around me by themselves.

One night as I lay in bed I was thinking about what it was that I could help people with, as a qualified Painter and Decorator I knew straight away that this is what I could personally offer to others whether they be pensioners or families with young children living in poverty and poor conditions. For a small amount of my time I could literally improve lives with my skill.  I realised that everybody had something they could help with which would not only improve lives but also create a stronger more connected vibrant Community for all of us.


You can help:

1. donation to support us (PayPal: anhourforothers@gmail.com), or please click below

2. project funding (please contact us)
3. partnership opportunities
4. volunteering your time (download and fill in our volunteer form HERE)
5. suggesting a new project

Kevin Morland, Founder

An Hour For Others award winning organisation. Powerful Together Social Enterprise Network 2015. Winners of the Rising Star sponsored by Regenerus.