Giving Your Hour For Others

It’s been a busy time for An Hour for Others and last week Kevin challenged everyone to give a helping hand to someone less fortunate or well-off than themselves. Already there has been a fantastic reaction in the city and beyond. To give a few examples, our friends at Hub Communications gave up some time and money distributing warm food and drink to the homeless around Bold St. whilst Jason and Conor Morland took their friend Sid, who is blind, out for breakfast and some shopping. It was also wonderful to see that the kindness has spread to Norway where Kenneth Valdersne spent some time with an elderly neighbour and offered his phone number and assistance any time.

It’s been great to see people getting involved and nominating others to do the same, but remember, you don’t need to wait to be nominated, go out and do your Hour for Others and watch the small acts of kindness change our communities.

Seaforth Community Shop
We would also like to thank Lynne Higgins from the Seaforth Community Shop who donated tonnes of bacon, eggs and sausages to An Hour for Others. In turn, we passed them on to the Whitechapel Centre who continuously work to improve the lives of homeless people in our city. On behalf of the Centre we would encourage anyone who sees a rough sleeper on the streets of Liverpool to contact them, as they will be able to help. More info can be found here

Mamadou Sakho
Our most recent and well documented news comes after Liverpool player Mamadou Sakho donated his Hour for Others when he came down to assist with an hours painting and DIY in houses that will go towards helping people at risk of homelessness. We hope that his involvement will raise the profile of this initiative and inspire others to continue doing the same. More info


Finally we’d like to ask for your support at our fundraising night on 27th February at the Sylvestrian Club, Vauxhall. It is vital to us that we continue to raise money until we can secure sustainable funding. Having already brightened up the lives of hundreds of people, we want to continue to do so for a very long time.
Therefore if you can make the fundraiser, it would mean a lot to us if you would come down. Tickets are £6, please email with any queries or send your £6 to the same address via paypal and we will post your tickets out to you.

Thank you for your continued support,

An Hour for Others

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