New Projects For early 2015

Can you help? Volunteers skilled or unskilled needed and materials/donations etc.1. We have been approached by Vicki Cunningham from Southport who’s 10 year old son Noah suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a muscle wasting life shortening illness. Vicki has asked for our help with the transformation of her garden which will improve little Noah’s quality of life massively. Noah is in a wheelchair and loves playing wheelchair football, his garden is too bumpy the way it is and the fact he has had spinal fractures mean Noah cannot play out there as it is.  The garden needs flattening out and artificial grass putting in to make it smooth and playable on the wheelchair, there is also a small building with a hot tub going in which is essential for Noah’s therapy.  We have already got a small army of 40 helpers all ready to get stuck in to make it happen, from Electricians, plasterers, landscapers, gardeners and groundworkers to butty makers and people just wanting to help in anyway!! I for one am willing to give amounts of my time for this. Anyone else willing to help or feels they can offer something for this cause please let us know Also follow @Teamnoahappeal on twitter and facebook.

2. Age Concern have asked if any of our volunteers can spare a couple of hours putting up a hand rail on a slope outside their poppy centre on Townsend Lane. It’s proving to be quite dangerous for the elderly walking down especially as the frost sets in. Email: anhourforothers <AT>

3. We have many more projects planned across the city to help those in need, please keep your eyes out on our pages.

4. We have a fundraising night planned for Friday 27th February at the Sylvestrian club silvester street L5 8LS. Please email us for details

5. We are currently carrying out the work on a shoestring and are attempting to secure funding, any donations to keep our momentum building and helping us help others is vital and greatly appreciated at this time. Our paypal is – Thankyou.

Come Together As One




Email: anhourforothers <AT>

-Liverpool, UK.


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