Something’s Happening Here

Just a little update, in under 2 weeks we are already amassing a small army of volunteers ready to help within our communities. We have gas engineers, joiners, roofers, painters & decorators, plasterers, electricians, landscape gardeners, window cleaners, etc all ready to donate time towards helping others in need.

We have had offers from a top childrens entertainment company, maths tutors, musical studios, a choir, beauticians, hairdressers and dance studios – all ready to give back to those less fortunate in our society and brighten up their lives in anyway they can.

Through our page people have offered goods they no longer need, televisions, washing machines, tables and chairs, couches etc. Through people like yourselves helping and getting involved we managed to send 4 local kids and 2 parents to Anfield in the top seats with meal included.

We have been putting hours in when we can at a community centre and brightening the place up for them.

We have had people as far as USA, Singapore, Scotland and London wanting to become involved and offering support.

The surface hasn’t even been scratched yet and already hundreds of decent people are coming together to make our world a better one to live in.

We plan on approaching the press very soon and spreading our message as far as we can, and asking for nominations from across the city on who will benefit from what WE are ALL putting together at this time. Without all of your help this wouldn’t be happening, please keep spreading the word and sharing.

All this has happened in 2 weeks, imagine what we can achieve together in 2 years and beyond.

‘All you need is love’




Email: anhourforothers <AT>

-Liverpool, UK.



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