It’s Coming Together

Just a further update. Our database of good people willing to help is growing everyday, thank you so much for the support it’s amazing.Behind the scenes we are putting in many hours in getting everything we need in place. We know there are so many of you chomping at the bit to get out there and help those less fortunate, we are too. There are lots of legislation and policies we need to get in place first. Everyday we are working on this, I haven’t had a day in work for a few weeks with sorting things out.

Everyday we have been having unbelievably positive meetings with great people involved in community groups, and social value within the city. We are all coming together with massive ideas which will benefit the City of Liverpool in the future.

Please be patient as we are here for the long run, and need everything in place to make sure we can ALL give maximum help and support to those who need it in our great city.

Thank you all so much

An Hour For Others



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