You Boss, Boss People

Thanks to all you boss people, we’ve got a PS3 to give away, 3 seaters and 2 seater couches, 2 brand new kids mountain bikes, DVD cabinet, VIP tickets to kids entertainment events 22inch televisions and more!

Please tell us of anywhere or anyone who will benefit from any if these items and we’ll arrange to get them to them as soon as.

‘Looking after each other and the feeling that brings is being rich, not how much paper you can amass in a bank or how big your car is’.


It’s Coming Together

Just a further update. Our database of good people willing to help is growing everyday, thank you so much for the support it’s amazing.Behind the scenes we are putting in many hours in getting everything we need in place. We know there are so many of you chomping at the bit to get out there and help those less fortunate, we are too. There are lots of legislation and policies we need to get in place first. Everyday we are working on this, I haven’t had a day in work for a few weeks with sorting things out.

Everyday we have been having unbelievably positive meetings with great people involved in community groups, and social value within the city. We are all coming together with massive ideas which will benefit the City of Liverpool in the future.

Please be patient as we are here for the long run, and need everything in place to make sure we can ALL give maximum help and support to those who need it in our great city.

Thank you all so much

An Hour For Others



Donation of PlayStation 3 To Yates Court

One proud dad, just been with me little lad who’s 10 as he donated his PS3 with 50 odd games to Yates Court in Prescot. The centre houses families who have struggled to run their homes for one reason or another.

The PS3 will be used for game nights in the centre’s main room.

Our Liam didn’t want the money, he wanted it to go to kids less fortunate! Made up.

Hopefully we can help out more at Yates Court in the future.

‘Come Together As One’

-Kevin Morland



Small acts of kindness

“Twenty five years ago, no one had a mobile phone but now it’s human habit … what’s to say that in another 25 years , going out to help someone in need for an hour or two isn’t also going to be human habit?” Kevin said.

“Small acts of kindness really can change the world.”

Click on the image below to read the full story in the Liverpool Echo.


Something’s Happening Here

Just a little update, in under 2 weeks we are already amassing a small army of volunteers ready to help within our communities. We have gas engineers, joiners, roofers, painters & decorators, plasterers, electricians, landscape gardeners, window cleaners, etc all ready to donate time towards helping others in need.

We have had offers from a top childrens entertainment company, maths tutors, musical studios, a choir, beauticians, hairdressers and dance studios – all ready to give back to those less fortunate in our society and brighten up their lives in anyway they can.

Through our page people have offered goods they no longer need, televisions, washing machines, tables and chairs, couches etc. Through people like yourselves helping and getting involved we managed to send 4 local kids and 2 parents to Anfield in the top seats with meal included.

We have been putting hours in when we can at a community centre and brightening the place up for them.

We have had people as far as USA, Singapore, Scotland and London wanting to become involved and offering support.

The surface hasn’t even been scratched yet and already hundreds of decent people are coming together to make our world a better one to live in.

We plan on approaching the press very soon and spreading our message as far as we can, and asking for nominations from across the city on who will benefit from what WE are ALL putting together at this time. Without all of your help this wouldn’t be happening, please keep spreading the word and sharing.

All this has happened in 2 weeks, imagine what we can achieve together in 2 years and beyond.

‘All you need is love’




Email: anhourforothers <AT>

-Liverpool, UK.